Assagioli’s evocative words

Evocative Words by Robert Assagioli – a set of 14 cards of Roberto’s handwritten wisdom (in English and Italian) are available from:

Here is some background to the technique of evocative words by Roberto: evocative_words

On the page I will gradually be adding his definition or explanation of each word (in conjunction with my tweets of todays’ evocative word):

15th February: Courage – “The will to risk. The acceptance of insecurity”

24th February: Balance – “What is synthesis? It could be defined as a dynamic, creative balance of tensions”.

26th March: Joy – “The great point is not to dwell or pine on the sources of joy which are not available in the present situation, but to look for and extract the full blessing of those which are at hand and there always some much more than one ordinarily realises”.

[big gap of time for spring and summer!]

1st October: Gratitude – “It requires recognition, appreciation, admiration.  It is a high manifestation of love, of selfless love”.

Aubyn Howard


Here is the full list of 17 words and the colours RA assigned them:

CALM (dark green)

JOY (yellow)


LOVE (blue)

CONFIDENCE (reddish-orange)

PATIENCE (green)


SERENITY (deep blue)

ENERGY (brick red)

SILENCE (blue)

ENTHUSIASM (brick red)



WILL (red)


WISDOM (dark blue)

HARMONY (green)