Aubyn Howard

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PCL Faculty
Psychosynthesis Coach
Leadership Coach
Coaching Supervisor
PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching, 5DL Coaching Diploma, PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership and Organisational Coaching Supervision, MA Psychosynthesis (Psychology/Psychotherapy)
Online / Zoom, etc., Phone
5115F Le Village, La Touche, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes 26160

I am current available for psychosynthesis coaching supervision on Zoom, please get in touch if this interests you.  I am always available to talk with coaches and leaders about the PGCPLC. Thank you.

Aubyn Howardis the co-founder (with Paul Elliott) of Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited. Aubyn holds an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology with the London Institute of Psychosynthesis and an MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies with the HPRG at Surrey University. He draws upon more than 30 years’ experience as an organisational consultant, facilitator, educator and coach, supporting transformational change and leadership development with leaders of all sizes of organisation, across many different sectors and national cultures. Certified Spiral Dynamics and NLP practitioner, APECS Accredited Executive Coach and a Psychosynthesis Coaching Supervisor. Author of two chapters in: The Call of Self, Psychosynthesis Life Coaching, Edited by Didi Firman (2018). Currently writing a book on Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching.