Heather Mullin

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Psychosynthesis Coach
MA Psychosynthesis Leadership and Organisational Coaching, MA Psychosynthesis (Psychology/Psychotherapy)
Online / Zoom, etc.
Battery Hill, Portreath, Cornwall, England TR16 4QA

Are you struggling with anxiety, lack of confidence or low self esteem.  Are you wondering what is the point, what is your purpose or how do you ad value?  Is your work life balance wrong or is work no longer as rewarding as it used to be?  Do you work in a team where the dynamics are difficult, or in a culture where you feel unable to speak your own truth?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes then coaching can make a difference.

I have worked as a psychological and leadership coach for the last 7 years prior to which I worked as both a clinician and senior manager in the NHS.  As a coach I work with individuals and teams, helping them to build self awareness of behaviour patterns especially those which no longer serve.  I have a track record of supporting people create and sustain transformational change.  A recent client said, “I have been able to reflect on what is really important and understand what has blocked me moving forward.   I now have the courage to make and embrace change.”