Jim Sharman

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Psychosynthesis Coach
Life Coach
PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
Online / Zoom, etc., Phone, In Person
Pro bono
62a Tööstuse, Tallinn, Harju maakond 10416

I’ve been passionate about human relationships, open and effective communication and spiritual growth for as long as I can remember. My entire career, in whichever role, has had the exchange of mutually beneficial knowledge interwoven into my activities – with coaching being at the centre of it – the joy of witnessing people gain deep insights into themselves is indescribably wonderful. To be part of that journey with someone, to play however small or large a role in their progress, is as humbling as it is exciting, because every time someone learns, I learn too. My mission in life is to spread that joy and psychosynthesis leadership coaching was a sea-change in how I fulfil that mission. Contact me for more on why, to paraphrase Dave Bowman’s character in the film ‘2010’, let’s make “something wonderful” happen!