Lisa Stone

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Leadership Coach
PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
Online / Zoom, etc.
90 High Street, Greater London, England BR3 1ED

If you are currently at a crossroads in life, I provide careers guidance and coaching. I offer 1:1 careers advice. I am qualified as a careers adviser with a PG Dip in Careers from the University of Warwick. As part of this qualification, I have studied a module in coaching. I also have obtained the PG Cert in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching.

BPS qualified in the use of psychometric assessments, I am trained in the Type Dynamics Indicator. I am also on on the Careers Development Institute registered list of career development professionals and a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision.

I love coaching people. My philosophy is to work with clients using ‘unconditional positive regard’ as the foundation stone of my practice, This was first developed as a concept by Carl Rogers, a humanistic psychologist in the 1950s. This means I work from a place of having utmost respect for my client. Careers coaching is about wanting to change and I work in a holistic way to help the client find their own learning and life. Questions relating to life purpose, the quality of relationships (work and home), feelings, health, as well as career may all be explored.

I have been a careers adviser/coach since 2009, so have many years of experience. As a coach I am skilled at holding a safe space that enables the client to explore and develop themselves.

I have been in a senior team leadership position (Head of Careers in a regional department in the NHS), I am compassionate, good at empathising, yet able to push clients, challenging them to work towards their goals. I work holistically with clients, integrating leadership skills with the latest careers and coaching techniques.