Louise Lautman

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Psychosynthesis Coach
Leadership Coach
Life Coach
PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching, Other (non-Psychosynthesis) Coaching Certification/Qualification
Online / Zoom, etc., Phone, In Person
Pro bono
London, England
By Appointment

Hello Louise here, providing Transformative Life Coaching for personal circumstances and work related needs, on many levels. Tailored to fit the individual and empower those who would like to lead their lives with more conscious awareness. Working with people in various areas of their lives giving dynamic support, reflective strategy, motivation and flexibility.

For the best in people who want to manage life with purpose, direction and fulfilment.

       Certification, Qualifications , Experience

  • Psychology Diploma Birkbeck College
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
  • Doctor of Metaphysical Science
  • Master of Metaphysical Science
  • 7+ years metaphysical coaching
  • 8+ years Bereavement Support with a London Hospice
  • previous career 25+ years as a Fashion Designer whilst discovering personal development

I work with clients in Europe, USA, UK so far; with Zoom the world is our oyster.

Some Testimonials;

“Louise has shown great commitment and dedication to my personal development. Her professionalism is a standout quality as her preparation for our meetings is very thorough and detailed, which always provided an outcome or objectives for me at the end of our session.”                Exec-Manager – company with 3000+ employees (Zoom)

“My situation has been a challenging one and Louise was always able to adjust her sessions as I came with new issues, but ultimately still achieved an appropriate outcome to the session.”                   Manager Legal firm.  (Zoom)

I met up with Louise for the first of six Psychosynthesis sessions. I was immediately struck by how easy I found it to chat with her and felt calm and comfortable from the outset. Over the next five sessions… I always came away feeling like this. With her guidance I felt I gained precious insight into some of my own emotional patterns and developed invaluable ways to transform some patterns that were not serving my emotional well-being, that I can use any time in the future.”                                Creative artist – (In person – till just before lockdown)