Tara Bath

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Student Coach (PGCPLC)
Psychosynthesis Coach
PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching, Other (non-Psychosynthesis) Coaching Certification/Qualification
Online / Zoom, etc., Phone
Nottingham, England

I work with people who are facing challenges and change in their professional or personal life. I support them to move forward with clarity, confidence and purpose.

I first began coaching over 10 years ago when I trained as a Performance Coach early in my HR and Leadership career. More recently I trained in Life Coaching and Health Coaching which opened up my work with private clients, as well as Career Coaching which broadened my coaching experience in the corporate world. And now, after working closely with executive leaders over the past six years, I’m working towards the Post Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching.

It’s true, I can’t get enough of coaching! And that’s because it’s life changing. Coaching has completely changed my experience of life, and now I love supporting others to discover more about who they are and what’s possible for them.

Given my broad range of coaching training and experience, I work with people across all domains of life, from relationships at home and at work, to health and wellbeing, to leadership and career challenges, to deeper explorations of purpose and meaning.

As well as having a corporate background working with leaders across large public and private sector organisations, I am also experienced working with solopreneurs and leaders of SMEs. Life and Health coaching clients are welcomed from all walks of life.

After working with me, clients report they have more wellbeing and enjoyment, higher levels of performance and results, less stress and better relationships, and a sense of purpose, connection and contentment.

Please feel free to contact me to find out more.