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Psychosynthesis Coach
Leadership Coach
PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
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Thames Ditton, England

Through my business HUSTLE + hush LTD, I empower millennial leaders to HUSTLE smarter and hush deeper, bringing out the best in themselves and those around them.

I get a real joy from (and have a talent for) holding space for others to get curious about themselves, connect to their true potential and emerge confident, courageous and capable of change. As a coach, I leverage a powerful combination of both strong and honest challenge with kind and encouraging support. This creates an ideal environment for you to reflect upon your current reality, lean-in to the powerful possibilities that exist within you and access the next steps to initiate this for yourself.

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I am a qualified Leadership Coach, through the Institute of Psychosynthesis, and a member of APECS. 

Prior to this, I spent a decade leading and motivating teams of high-performing, ambitious young professionals in the social media, digital marketing and content teams of global brands like Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Charlotte Tilbury.

“It’s so important as millennials that we approach our careers holistically, to not only have moments where we are out there HUSTLING smartly but also moments where we allow ourselves to turn in and hush more deeply as well.

Investing in yourself, whether through the self-directed pace of an online course or the deep-dive of a private 1:1 coaching program, can be the perfect hush counter-balance, enabling you to be out there hustling from a grounded, authentic and connected place.”


Leadership Coaching
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I’ve seen such a huge change in myself after those few months with Tee. I went from fearful and overwhelmed to proactive and in-tune. I’m forever thankful for this amazing opportunity. It has been the best development I’ve ever had in my career.”

At a time when I was unsure of myself and the direction I was going, Tee helped me to re-direct my focus to the things that mattered most. Through self reflection and targeting the things I needed to change, it enabled me to find a job that I really enjoy as well as focus on my personal passions outside of work.”

My time with Tee was incredibly beneficial both for my curiosity and a stronger understanding of the direction I wanted to go down in, both in career and personal life.”

Tee is a highly effective personal development coach – relevant, engaging, empowering and passionate. She is adaptable and establishes rapport quickly at all levels of the business and uses her great knowledge of practical, proven techniques to help you guide your people to grow and develop their skills as well as their future leadership talent.