Urszula Grycuk

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Psychosynthesis Coach
Leadership Coach
5DL Coaching Diploma
Online / Zoom, etc., Phone, In Person
Warszawa, mazowieckie

Leadership and Personal Coach

I am a CLC/5DL Leadership and Organisational Coach with 3 years of coaching experience working with individuals and teams.

My passion regarding coaching is supporting the individuals and teams to achieve greater growth and well-being at personal and organisational levels; to find their unique expression and purpose to realise their full potential. I focus on Being within the Doing.

I have a true passion for diversity and a richness of experience living abroad, mostly in multicultural environments. I work in Polish, English and French.

Background and Work history 

Since 2016 I work as a coach using 5DL coaching model.

I have an interdisciplinary professional background. I am a human rights lawyer with an international experience in the EU and international institutions. Most recently I have been employed as a human rights lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights in France; on the side of my legal duties, I was a part of a Council of Europe’s Well-being Network where I was assisting my colleagues in improving their working relationships and resolving conflicts. Currently, I am also active in women’s rights field assisting victims of domestic violence and advocating for reproductive rights of women in Poland.


Urszula holds a diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychology from Middlesex University, UK (2016) and 5DL coaching diploma from the Institute of Psychosynthesis, UK. 

I hold MA in Law, Poland (2001); Certificate of Political Science (2001), IEP, France; diploma for certified translators of English, University of Warsaw, Poland. 


„Urszula is a great coach and therapist. She is very empathic, goal-oriented and shows a truly holistic approach. She was invaluable in defining my goals and teaching me how to achieve my best Self, self-accepting and wilful. During our work, she was focused on a goal I aspired to achieve and helped me to find the best way to get where I wanted. She supported me in resolving my issues using effective and accessible tools.” Ł.G.