Tessa Denham

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PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching, Certificate/Diploma in Psychosynthesis (Psychology/Counselling/Psychotherapy)
Regional, International, Skype/Zoom

I offer coaching that, hopefully, supports people to be more fully and more freely themselves in achieving their goals in work, at home or out in the world. I work with any issue, concern, difficulty or opportunity. I usually suggest starting with a brief conversation followed by, if we decide to work together, a contract of six sessions over three to four months.

I work with individuals looking for personal effectiveness, career development and or simply to understand themselves better. Also teams wanting to improve working together and performance; organisations seeking to invest in key staff. The cornerstones of my practice are listening – to you, to the situation, the difficulties and the questions – alongside being alert to the quieter voice or ‘call to change’ that is often present too.

With over 30 years management experience in not for profit organisations, local and national government I am currently CEO of a medium sized charity in Yorkshire, UK. I have worked in a team of one, led small and large teams, direct and matrix structures, remote and dispersed; delivered small projects and new national initiatives. Coaching approaches have been part of my work for many years.

My journey with psychosynthesis started in the 1990’s. I studied four years of psychotherapy and gained the PG cert in Leadership Coaching in 2017.