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26 November 2014

Welcome to “The Evolutionary Coach” blog.

We are starting this new blog to coincide with the launch of Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited. Its purpose is inform, support, connect with and spark discussion amongst leadership, executive and organisational coaches. The ‘evolutionary’ angle is about the coach’s role in helping along the next step in leadership and organisational development, as so well described in Frederic Laloux’s recently published ‘Reinventing Organisations’ (more on which later). Another meaning is to identify with coaches who consider themselves to be evolutionaries (see Carter Phipps’ book ‘Evolutionaries’ for a definition) or who take an evolutionary perspective in their work. The blog is also intended to convey some of the thinking underlying what we are doing at Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited with our new Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching course, although of course with the caveat that this blog is my perspective, and my views are not necessarily those of my colleague Paul Elliott, nor our partners at the Institute of Psychosynthesis! Our purpose at PCL is to train and support leadership coaches to work at the deeper psychological level that makes a fundamental difference to people’s lives.

There is also a wider context here, which is to engage in the broader development of the coaching profession and contribute to the growth of a living knowledge base to support this embryonic field. Important to mention our alignment to APECS (the leading executive coaching professional body in the UK), within the broader context and some of our posts and discussions may refer to what is happening around APECS.

I am merging my previous ‘Evolutionary Leadership’ blog with this one on this site.  Posts under ‘The Evolutionary Leader’ heading could be interesting to a wider leadership audience, whereas posts under ‘The Evolutionary Coach’ will be written mainly for a coaching audience.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at any time, either by replying to a posting or directly by email.

I hope you find something here of value.

Aubyn Howard, 25 November 2014


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