What participants have said about the course

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Testimonials: Third programme

This course is so well structured that it ensures everyone gets what they came on it for and much more.  The depth and breadth of content is breathtaking, but I am sure how it plays out and is facilitated is different every time.  Paul and Aubyn expertly respond to what uniquely emerges from each group, perfectly role modelling how to work with the Self. Its integrative and holistic nature has deepened my psychological-mindedness and self-awareness tremendously…and I am a very experienced psychologist and coach!  It has given me a solid framework in which to couch my coaching practice and I also feel liberated to follow my intuition as I continue to work on myself and with my clients.  It is making me a better human and manifesting in all areas of my life, in all the roles I play.  Thank you!!

A fantastic experience that I will never forget. I was struck by the depth of knowledge in all the subject areas from Paul and Aubyn.  The fluidity of their facilitation was beautiful and the rapport between them kept us all engaged and wanting more.  Above all else the authenticity of Paul and Aubyn really elevated the course to a level I have never before experienced with a face-to-face course.

Deepest heartfelt thanks to you both. I would also like to extend my thanks and sincere appreciation to Roger for a truly excellent session on 5DL.

I felt the course involved a wonderful synthesis of personal, systemic  and spiritual work which was constantly grounded in the day-to-day challenges of coaching and organisational life. I found it inspiring but also deeply practical. It has provided me with a solid basis to build on, and a real enthusiasm to make this a bigger part of  the leadership and coaching I deliver in my own field of work.

Paul and Aubyn you are a great team, a perfect balance – your sincerity, passion, knowledge and understanding are truly inspirational

Testimonials: Second programme

I cannot express enough my gratitude to Aubyn and Paul for the wonderful course they have created and the joy that i was able to attend it

The peer group was magical and together we held each other and encouraged each other beyond belief.  Paul and Aubyn were phenomenal guides, teachers, friends. They had the perfect balance of feeding our souls and our minds. They were never intrusive but were always effective. They held us and left us space to grow, to shine. Because of this course I am now a far more self-reflective person. I have set up a coaching practice and coach with love and confidence. My journey continues and the course provides me with the on-going feel I need to keep growing, learning and reflecting.

The course was full of integrity, there was such a depth of knowledge, and it was delivered with compassion and a connectedness rarely experienced around such a subject matter. I hope that the course continues to grow, it really should. It is offering something extremely valuable to coaches, therapists, their clients, business and society as a whole. Thank you.

This course was a life changing experience for me. I experienced a truly shared constructive learning environment with my fellow course participants and the tutors. I learnt much about myself and about leadership plus developed a range of new skills. The learning has supported me in making step changes in my role as a charity CEO and enabled me to confidently practice as a leadership coach.

I have found Paul and Aubyn very supportive leaders of the course.  They are approachable and kind at the same time as being very helpful with difficult situations.  They have been very available for help and support between the workshops.  I feel so glad that I was able to do the course and have received a huge amount from it.

I’ve received many gifts from this course, and it has been a real catalyst for deep change in me.

Testimonials: First programme

Loved the course! I honour your vision, boldness and courage for creating a coaching course in the spirit evolutionary coaching and finding the depth and grace within your hearts to hold the space for us all, coming in with our pain, expectations and mush. You created a wonderful alchemical flask for our transformation.

The opportunity to work at two distinct levels: the intellectual level i.e. the papers and the models and the ‘soul’ level i.e. working with thy dynamic process of ‘self’ as an instrument. Very powerful learning combination.

This has been by far the most powerful learning and growth experience of my career since I first became a coach… back in the 1990s. I would encourage anyone considering their personal development to give this course their full attention. The output is truly greater than the sum of your input!

The course met all my personal objectives and now I’m in a much stronger place personally and professionally. It just goes to show how well it has been designed and how experienced Aubyn and Paul were in skillfully delivering it to make sure all objectives, both individually and collectively were met.

Demonstrated deep adaptive capacity in the way you moved with, and held group process. Thank you all for the adventure and the magic.

it was a an inspiring adventure with many varied and striking landscapes along the way. Round the world (inner and outer)in 15 days!

It felt great being amongst our awesome pioneers, Paul’s word, I think. I loved the warm, safety of our space, and even when the going was rough, we worked as a fantastic team.  I have learned so much from everyone of you.

The pioneers group!