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Reading about Roberto Assagioli and Psychosynthesis (Aubyn’s view)

A very good starting point to understanding the man and his ideas can be to read an article in Psychology Today by Sam Keen, based upon an interview with Roberto Assagioli shortly before his death. Click on this link to download the pdf:  The Golden Mean of Roberto Assagioli – Sam Keen.

If you want more reading, click here to see my Goodreads list of Psychosynthesis related books. This includes the three books published of Assagioli’s work ; Psychosynthesis, The Act of Will and Transpersonal Development.


Psychosynthesis at the 2017 APECS Symposium on 7th June 

Download slides from our PCL workshop on Psychosynthesis as a holistic psychology for integrating new developments in coachingPCLsessionAPECS2017

Download Aubyn’s paper (short version of the Leadership Gap, adapted for the Symposium) for the first session on the emergent challenges of leadership:Session 1.3 Aubyn V3


Psychosynthesis for the Future: International Conference, Taormina 2-5 June 2016

Download slides from our workshop on Psychosynthesis as a leadership coaching psychology: PsychosynthesisLeadershipCoachingJun2016v1-1


Aubyn’s 2015 APECS Symposium paper on Bringing a Psycho-spiritual perspective to executive coaching



Leadership Profiling and the Leadership Styles Profile

Link to summary leaflet about Leadership Profiling and the Leadership Styles Profile:


Example Leadership Styles Profile Report:


Notes on LSP Scoring and Interpretation:


Background to the Leadership Styles Profile:



Summary of recent writing on Psychology, Neuroscience, Neo-behaviourism and Change

Click to download two-page summary of some of the most interesting recent books in the neuro-psychology field. I complied this a couple of years ago, but it’s still relevant.



Perspectives for Organisational Change Practitioners

This is a selection of slides (taken from our leadership coaching course) that include (i) an introduction of Wilber’s integral framework and how this applies to organisational change, (ii) some slides summarising the basic human change management models we use and (iii) summaries of a selection of HBR articles with different perspectives on change.



Leadership paradigms and styles – Aubyn’s chapter in ‘Value Creation in the Pharmaceutical Industry’

This is Aubyn’s Chapter 19, ‘The Influence of Leadership Paradigms and Styles on Pharmaceutical Innovation’ in ‘Value Creation in the Pharmaceutical Industry’ Editor: Alexander Schuhmacher et al, (2016), published by Wiley

This provides both an overview of the leadership field as well a detailed exposition of Laloux’s model of organisational paradigms and how this translates into leadership styles. Although it is aimed at the Pharma sector, it is relevant to all sectors.


If you have read the above, you might also be interested in the following draft paper (a bit rough around the edges, initially written with a view to getting published in a Pharmaceutical journal, but needs more case stories).  This concerns the implementation of change needed to make open innovation work, particularly in terms of how to bring about a shift in culture, mindsets and attitudes.



The Leadership Gap – preface to Aubyn’s forthcoming book on leadership development

I am making this available now because this theme seems so relevant to what is going on in the world and I want to share my thoughts, maybe start a discussion about the notion of the leadership gap. I might also adapt and post this on our blog sometime soon.



The Six Critical Organisational Capabilities

I recently wrote a post on the six critical organisational capabilities – here it is as an article in a downloadble .pdf



Three Marriages by David Whyte

Buy at Amazon

Pdf of the Premise: Three Marriages