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23 March 2016

With the immanent arrival of spring, it feels like a good time to relaunch Psychosynthesis Coaching.

We have two significant milestones to celebrate – firstly the validation of our post-graduate certificate in leadership coaching programme by Middlesex University, and secondly the successful completion of our founding programme (the five months of workshops at least) with a group of 10 students.  Many thanks to each of our co-pioneers for trusting us enough to embark on this journey of learning and discovery (to see some of the feedback look here).  Together we have given birth to something exciting and unique that we are now ready to take out more fully into the world.  By this I mean that psychosynthesis leadership coaching has become established as an evolving practice in its own right – to some extent building upon and consolidating what has come before, but also synthesising and creating new directions.  In particular, the synthesis of the psychospiritual perspective (e.g. Assagioli) with the developmental (e.g. Laloux) with the systemic (e.g. Whittington) establishes a very powerful platform for leadership coaching within an organisational context.  I will post another blog in the near future to expand upon our experience of learning and discovery from this founding course.

Having consolidated the learning from this first programme, we are re-launching the Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching and starting to invite applications for the next programme which will start in September 2016.

In addition, we are expanding the process of taking psychosynthesis leadership coaching out into the world, with three key initiatives:

  1. Marketing our in-house programmes for organisations – with a focus on the key sectors of Pharmaceuticals, Charities, Finance, Rail, Health and Education.
  2. Launching our CPD and short courses programme for 2016, including a psychosynthesis and leadership retreat at Château Chavagnac in September.
  3. The further development of our community of psychosynthesis coaches, to provide and promote a cadre of psychosynthesis, psychospiritual and transpersonal coaches to individual leaders looking for a different level of support

It may be that you are reading this blog and have come to this website as a result of our marketing for one of these initiatives, in which case we extend you a big welcome.

In the spirit of transparency and engagement, we would like to share our evolving purpose for Psychosynthesis Coaching (in three parts):


  • Activating Psychosynthesis as a core coaching psychology in the world…


  • Supporting and developing leaders to meet the evolutionary challenges in organisations and society…


  • Developing coaches and the coaching profession…

As part of activating Psychosynthesis as a core coaching psychology in the world, we are keen to make connections and build partnerships throughout the larger Psychosynthesis community, both in the UK (e.g. with the Psychosynthesis Trust and re-vision), as well as internationally.  To this end, we are attending the ‘psychosynthesis for the future’ international conference in Taormina, Sicily (1st to 5th June), and Paul and I will be running a workshop titled the ‘Psychosynthesis as a core coaching psychology’ on the Saturday morning.  We intend to use this to explore how we (and others) are adapting Psychosynthesis to the practice of coaching leaders within organisations, and challenge the wider psychosynthesis community to step out of the shadows and engage with the pressing evolutionary challenges of organisational and societal leadership, as well as to recognise the shifting ground between therapy and coaching. This may be an uphill task, given the topics of leadershiporganisations and coaching were not included in the original thematic structure for the conference, although I am pleased to see there are now several other workshops and sessions with coaching or leadership in the title. We are certainly looking forward to the conference and hope to make some interesting global connections.  In any case, I know that Taormina is a lovely place to spend a few days and the conference hotel is on the sea!  Maybe you can join us (the conference is not expensive and easyjet and BA both fly to Catania).

More posts on the way soon to expand upon some of the themes raised in this update. As always, comments, questions and connections welcome.

Best wishes, Aubyn (and Paul)


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