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Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching: A Psychology of Being for a Time of Crisis. By Aubyn Howard

Aubyn’s book on Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching was published by Routledge on 30th December 2020. 

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The Book Launch

Aubyn hosted an online book launch on Friday 22 January at 17:00 UK (18:00 CET)

Introduction to the virtual book launch, by Aubyn Howard Passcode: d.2&^Xxe

Link to the recording of the second part of the online event Passcode: 65n!WcrQ

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Cover description

Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching responds to the call of coaches who want to be able to work with the whole person, with the inner as well as the outer worlds, and not just at rational and behavioural levels but at emotional and spiritual levels as well.

Psychosynthesis is unique amongst psychologies in the emphasis it places on self and will at the centre of human psychological functioning. This holistic and integrative psychology provides the foundations for working with leaders in ways that respond to today’s emergent crises.

Psychosynthesis coaching is an increasingly popular approach that is finding its way into the mainstream as a response to the needs of coaching to engage at depth with emotional content and in the transpersonal realm of meaning, purpose and values. This book introduces psychosynthesis coaching to a wider audience and provides a comprehensive guide to this approach for both coaches and leaders.

This book provides the context, models, methods, skills and techniques for coaches to engage with their clients within the larger context of Self and Will, alongside working on inner and outer agendas and goals of any description. For coaches, leaders and organisational practitioners alike, this approach is also about coaching our inner leader – knowing that this work always starts with ourselves.

Aubyn Howard is the co-founder of Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited and holds an MA in psychosynthesis psychology and MSc in change agent skills and strategies. He draws upon more than 30 years’ experience as an organisational consultant, facilitator and coach and is an APECS accredited executive coach. Aubyn lives in France with his wife Diana.

Reviews and endorsements of the book

‘This is a tour de force and makes a huge contribution to coaching and psychosynthesis. Aubyn unpacks the depth that is possible for coaches who want to work within a psychospiritual context that enables their clients to bring purpose and meaning to their lives and to their leadership. His words are highly accessible as he helps us explore the alchemy of coaching the ‘Being’ and suffering of soul as clients find themselves and free their will to enable change. A must-read for all coaches looking to make a real difference.’

Roger H. Evans, author of The Creative Manager and 5DL Five Dimensions of Leadership, co-founder and Director of Coaching, the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London


‘What a delight. We have long needed a book devoted to evolutionary psychosynthesis and holistic coaching. This rich book pays attention to what APECS calls CPPD, our personal and professional development, encouraging us to look at not only the complexities of the outer organisational world, but the complexities of our inner world such as our conflicting needs and motivations, creating synergy, and to put identity, purpose, meaning and values centre stage. Mixing psychosynthesis history with theory and practice, while also referring to other approaches, the reader benefits from both a grounding in the subject and ideas to implement. Howard successfully argues the need for a psycho-spiritual perspective for the “emerging and growing crisis of leadership” and takes us on a journey to integrate our whole selves to work with the whole self of the other. Working at the level of ‘being’ we increase our capacity and that of leaders to deal with complexity.’

Eve Turner, chair, APECS; co-founder, Climate Coaching Alliance; and founder/lead, Global Supervisors’ Network

‘Psychosynthesis leadership coaching has great value for the development of the young discipline of coaching, of which Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis, especially with his book The Act of Will, was an enlightened pioneer.

‘Aubyn Howard delivers to new and more experienced coaches, organisational leaders, human resources and organisational development professionals the precious legacy of psychosynthesis: an approach that has always been characterised by the tension to combine different active techniques and very solid methods of guidance to effective action with a deep, systemic and integrated vision of the human being that also takes into account his emotional and spiritual dimension, higher values, creativity and free will. A vision which, as the author states, we are in great need in this “increasingly complex, uncertain and stressful world”. Thank you Aubyn!’

Petra Guggisberg Nocelli, psychotherapist ASP, psychosynthesist SIPT, trainer and author of The Way of Psychosynthesis

‘Aubyn Howard has masterfully blended the powerful models of psychosynthesis psychology with contemporary coaching practice in an accessible and readable way. This book will be of value equally to those working in organisational coaching and those working in the field of psychotherapy and personal growth.’

Keith Silvester, president of the European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy

‘In addition to making a worthy and much needed contribution to leadership, executive and organisational coaching, Aubyn clarifies where leadership coaching sits in the context of coaching, psychosynthesis and leadership. He acknowledges healthy diversity in the profession and clearly distinguishes it from therapy and life coaching. This seminal publication encourages joined-up thinking on relevant theory and practice. It is an essential read for those in or interested in the leadership coaching profession, for human resource managers and for leaders or those aspiring to become leaders.’

Ger Melia, diploma in 5DL coaching, MSc education management, executive coach, Ireland

‘A lucid and enlivening introduction to psychosynthesis; its history, its nature and its potential. Aubyn illustrates theoretically and demonstrates practically how psychosynthesis offers a unique scale of development essential for today’s leaders. This book is a gift to coaches and leaders alike.’

Ant Mitchell, founder of Mitchell Coaching; Director of APECS


‘In this wise and comprehensive book Aubyn contextualises Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching.  It allows the reader to reflect deeply on their current practice and on their own psychospiritual development.  In our landscape of complexity, crisis and conflict, this should be required reading for all coaches, leaders, human resource and leadership development professionals who want to work at the deepest levels with themselves and others to effect real and sustainable change.’

Nana-Efua Lawson, Managing Director and Principal Psychologist, Castlegate International and PGCPLC graduate

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