The Pro-Bono Exchange

Welcome to The pro-bono exchange for psychosynthesis coaching.  This is a place where those seeking and offering prob-bono coaching can meet or be helped to find a good match.

This is primarily an opportunity for student psychosynthesis coaches who are on one of our coach accreditation programmes (PGCPLC or HCP) to gain practice experience. However, any of the psychosynthesis coaches listed on our Directory may want to use this forum to offer pro-bono coaching, perhaps alongside their commercial coaching practice.  Any coach offering pro-bono coaching may have specific criteria for the types of coachee, sector or situation that are willing to offer pro-bono coaching for.

All student coaches will have received our coach training and are now looking to gain practice in this approach with supervision. Some may be experienced coaches using other approaches, some may be experienced leaders and some may be making a transition from a related profession such as counselling.

Psychosynthesis coaching is about recognising the being, working with the whole person, enabling the coachee to connect with purpose and activate their Will.

If you are looking for pro-bono coaching, simply complete the form below.  Likewise, if you are offering pro-bono coaching.

The list of both coachees seeking and coaches offering will be updated regularly.

Peggy Bennett, our Community Co-ordinator, can offer help in matching coaches with coachees if required.  Please get in touch with her if you want help or have any question at