We are facing an existential crisis of leadership in society and organisations today that calls for a different level of engagement between coach and their leader clients.

Psychosynthesis coaching offers a powerful alternative to conventional performance or behaviourally oriented approaches for coaches who want to work at greater depth and recognise the whole human being in the way they work with clients.

Psychosynthesis is a psychospiritual psychology drawing upon a holistic model of the psyche, which serves to integrate recent developments in fields such as systemic coaching and constellations, somatic coaching, mindfulness and the developmental perspective.

Our flagship programme is the Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching, which is validated by Middlesex University and leads to Professional Membership of APECS (the Association of Professional Executive Coaches and Supervisors). This unique course is the result of a partnership between The Institute of Psychosynthesis, which brings 40 years experience of developing counsellors, therapists and coaches, and Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited, which is dedicated to meeting the emergent needs of the coaching profession and of organisational leaders.

Some feedback from students

“This course is so well structured that it ensures everyone gets what they came on it for and much more. The depth and breadth of content is breathtaking…”

“It has given me a solid framework in which to couch my coaching practice and I also feel liberated to follow my intuition as I continue to work on myself and with my clients.”

“A fantastic experience that I will never forget… the authenticity of Paul and Aubyn really elevated the course to a level I have never before experienced with a face-to-face course.”

“I felt the course involved a wonderful synthesis of personal, systemic and spiritual work which was constantly grounded in the day-to-day challenges of coaching and organisational life. Inspiring but also deeply practical.”

“This course was a life changing experience for me… the learning has supported me in making step changes in my role as a CEO and enabled me to confidently practice as a leadership coach.”

The five month PGCPLC course runs twice a year (starting in September and February) and each programme is currently limited to twelve places. Our first programme started in September 2015 and we recently completed our fifth. The next one starts in September 2019.

Our usual workshop venue is The Future Leaders Trust (recently renamed Ambition School Leadership), located at Unit 2 Bridge Wharf, 156 Caledonian Road, London N1 9UU (about 10 minutes walk from Kings Cross).

We are also running an International version of the PGCPLC from September 2020 involving two six-day workshops in London, six months apart, with supported on-line learning in between. 

Psychosynthesis Coaching was set up by two experienced coaches and psychosynthesis practitioners, Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott.  Over the past four years, we have grown the faculty to a team of seven (see biogs).

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If you have any questions about the PGCPLC coaching course please contact Aubyn Howard or Paul Elliott at info@psychosynthesiscoaching.co.uk

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More feedback from students:

“The course was full of integrity, there was such a depth of knowledge, and it was delivered with compassion and a connectedness rarely experienced around such a subject matter”

“I’ve received many gifts from this course, and it has been a real catalyst for deep change in me.”

“The peer group was magical and together we held each other and encouraged each other beyond belief. Paul and Aubyn were phenomenal guides, teachers, friends. They had the perfect balance of feeding our souls and our minds.”

“I feel so glad that I was able to do the course and have received a huge amount from it.”

“Loved the course! You created a wonderful alchemical flask for our transformation.”

“The opportunity to work at two distinct levels: the intellectual level i.e. the papers and the models and the ‘soul’ level i.e. working with thy dynamic process of ‘self’ as an instrument. Very powerful learning combination.”

“This has been by far the most powerful learning and growth experience of my career since I first became a coach…”