The Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

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The PGCPLC is accredited by:

Are you a coach? Do you want to…

  • Gain a solid grounding in the basic skills, principles and models of coaching
  • Become certified as a coach with an academic qualification and professional accreditation
  • Embed your learning through plenty of practice in a safe environment


  • Build psychological mindedness and developmental awareness
  • Work on your own personal development and emotional mastery
  • Explore and experience the field of psychospiritual psychology

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching gives you all this in a six month, part-time course.

The programme starts with the Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis (4 days), followed by five 3-day training workshops (Friday-Sunday), held over five months.

These are supported by guided and self-directed learning activities, including reading, self-reflection, journal writing, peer-coaching, tutor supervision and a written paper.

What is the PGCPLC?

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching is a six month, part-time course that gives you the core skills, principles, models, strategies and tools needed to practice successfully as a leadership or executive coach. The programme provides both the thorough professional underpinning you need to be an exceptional leadership coach, as well as support and guidance for the personal development and inner work that will enable you to work at a deeper level with your clients.

This is an evolutionary programme that goes beyond conventional performance and behaviourally oriented approaches. Aimed at internal and external coaches, both experienced and those new to the role.

Psychosynthesis is a powerful coaching psychology that can help us connect with our inner resources, activate the will, strengthen our sense of self and develop our capacity for being in right relationship with others. It gives coaches a context, method and techniques for helping leaders meet the personal and human challenges of complex organisational change. It provides an accessible grammar for transforming organisations through activating principles of wholeness and purpose.

This six-month Certificate course will also be highly practical, experiential and focused on giving new coaches the basic skills they need and more experienced coaches an opportunity to integrate their learning.

The PGCPLC is a qualification in its own right that can also lead to Professional Membership of APECS (the UK’s leading professional body for executive coaches), and will feed directly into the MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology applied to Leadership Coaching, for those wishing to continue their development.

What are the Key Programme Elements?

1. Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis

Students who are new to Psychosynthesis start by attending the Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis course, in order to gain a grounding in the underlying psychological approach and to build their own context for personal development.

2. Five month professional development programme (*study period to PGC award 10-12 months):

Programme 8: 14 – 16 Feb 2020, 13 – 15 Mar, 17- 19 Apr, 15 -17 May, 12 – 14 Jun

Programme 9: 18 – 20 Sept 2020, 16 – 18 Oct, 13 – 15 Nov, 11 – 13 Dec, 15 – 17 Jan 2021

Each programme is limited to 12 participants

The venue for Programme 9 course workshops is: Unit 2 Bridge Wharf, 156 Caledonian Road, London N1 9UU

Core learning elements:

1: Foundations of psychosynthesis coaching – basics of psychosynthesis coaching: context, method, models, skills and tools

2: Leadership and organisational systems– the organisational and leadership context; working with inner and outer agendas, including purpose, meaning and values, crisis and change; introduction to systemic coaching and constellations

3: Coaching psychology – working at three psychological levels with the client; prepersonal, personal and transpersonal

4: Coaching interventions – Heron’s six-category intervention analysis, working with mindsets and subpersonalities; introduction to leadership development and 5DL – Five Dimensions of Leadership, our model of inner leader development;

5: Professional practicepractical, personal and professional challenges of coaching; finding your professional identity and building your practice

What does it cost?

Additional fees, where applicable:

University of Middlesex registration: £750, payable directly to the Institute of Psychosynthesis

Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis: £350, payable directly to the Institute of Psychosynthesis

Individual coaching supervision if required: £50 per session

More information

Psychosynthesis Coaching has been set up by two experienced coaches and psychosynthesis practitioners, Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott.

How do I enrol?

Please complete and submit our on-line application form here

For more information please contact:

Aubyn Howard at and on 07801861416

or Paul Elliott at and on 07967302971


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