The Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

The Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching


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What is the CPLC?

The CPLC is a coach certification programme backed by a university post-graduate level qualification (PGC) that has achieved the European Quality Award conferred by EMCC. Our approach to professional coach certification and accreditation recognises and builds upon your relevant previous experience and qualifications.

Core learning elements – the six units

1: Foundations of psychosynthesis coaching – the foundations of psychosynthesis coaching: principles and context, approach and method, models and skills

2: Coaching psychology – the evolution of psychology within coaching; the model of psychospiritual development; working at three psychological levels: prepersonal, personal and transpersonal; in three psychological spaces: coach, client and coaching spaces

3: Coaching interventions – intervention theory and Heron’s six-category intervention analysis; somatic experience in coaching; working with mindsets and subpersonalities as psychosynthesis coaches

4: Leadership and organisational systems – the leadership context; working with inner and outer agendas, including purpose and meaning, crisis and change; introduction to organisational systems, systemic coaching and constellations

5: Leadership development– introduction to leadership development; horizontal, vertical and inner development; 5DL – Five Dimensions of Leadership, our model of inner leader development; interventions, tools and resources to support leader development

6: Professional practice – practical, personal and professional challenges of coaching; finding your professional identity and building your practice.

Scheduled CPLC Programmes

Advanced Professional Development Programmes for coaches and leaders. Each programme covers the six units and offers the same pathway to certification and EMCC accreditation, with the option to continue with the PGC and Masters in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching. Prior attendance of the Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis (or an equivalent) required.

The London Programme (in-person) – October 2024

Certificate Programme 4 – 15 days of in-person workshops over 6 weekends + one workshop and other online sessions

F2F workshops: (Bloomsbury): 11-13 Oct 2024, 15-17 Nov, 13-15 Dec, 11-12 Jan 2025 (+ 17 Jan online), 8-9 Feb, 8-9 Mar. Times: 09:00-17:00 UK, except Fridays start at 10:00, Sundays end at 16:00.

Supervised practice period to EMCC Accreditation 9 months minimum.

 The International Programme (online) – October 2024

Certificate Programme 5 – 16 days of online workshops over 6 weekends + other online sessions

Online workshops: 4-6 Oct 2024, 8-10 Nov, 6-8 Dec, 4-5 Jan 2025 (+ 10 Jan), 1-2 Feb, 1-2 Mar. Times: 09:00-17:00 UK. Sundays end at 16:00.

Supervised practice period to EMCC Accreditation 9 months minimum.

Course Fees

  • London programme: £4500 + VAT
  • International programme: £4500 + VAT or €5200 (if attending online from outside the UK)
Additional fees for the PGC

  • £1500 Institute of Psychosynthesis and Middlesex University Registration
  • £350 Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis (if applicable)

More information

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