Symposium 2018 outputs

First Annual Psychosynthesis Coaching Symposium – Wednesday 14th November 2018

 NCVO in King’s Cross, London

This page contains the initial outputs from the Symposium sessions, including slides and other handouts.  Video clips and photos, related links and blog posts, on-going discussions and other outputs to follow.


Welcome: Setting the context for the dayAubyn Howard

Slides: Symposium2018slidesContext


Psychospiritual CoachingRoger Evans 

Roger speaks about his evolving model of Trifocal Vision, core to psychosynthesis coaching

Slides: PS Coaching PCL symposium nov 2018 short


Coaching in a VUCA WorldKeith Silvester and Heather Wignall

An exploration of these four aspects (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) both experientially and theoretically


Handout: External Needs Handout 11.18


Systemic Coaching and ConstellationsRuth Rochelle

an opportunity to experience the transformative potency of this method – both as coach and coachee

Slides: Constellations session


Mindfulness: Self-care for CoachesKeith Hackwood

An experiential session attending to self-care, as well as care between coach and client

Slides: Self-Care for coaches



Somatic Coaching – Harriet Hanmer and Laira Gold

The Body Speaks – deepening somatic connection in service of the client and emergent intelligence

Slides: Equilibrium Partners Psychosynthesis Symposium presentation November 2018


Developmental Thinking for CoachingAubyn Howard

A session on seeing ‘evolutionary’ as a place to come from rather than a place to get to (drawing from the work of Frederic Laloux)

Slides: Symposium2018slidesAubynDevelopment


Neuropsychology for Coaching (and plenary synthesis) – Aubyn Howard

Is neuroscience telling us anything new? How do we reconcile scientific and psycho-spiritual perspectives?

Then: Synthesis! Connections and sharing from the day

Slides: Symposium2018slidesNeuro&completion

Paper: neuropsychology for coaching post 201118

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