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Roger Evans Roger

Director of the Institute of Psychosynthesis

Managing Director of Creative Leadership Consultants

Roger is managing Director of CLC, a management consulting practice that works with boards, CEOs and senior leadership teams on issues of leadership transformation and change.

Over the past 30 years he has extensive international public and private sector business consulting experience in Europe, Scandinavia, North America, the Middle East, India and Africa.

He has been a non-executive director of the NHS personnel group, and a board member of The Technology Management School at Chalmers School of Technology and Management in Gothenberg, Sweden.

He is a Co-Founder (1973) of The Institute of Psychosynthesis a Psychotherapy, Coaching and Counselling Training School in London, and a co-founder and curator of The Resource Group – charitable trust created in 1982 to fund global projects that brought leverage to the ‘margins’ of society. He is the co-author of the book The Creative Manager (1989) and is about to publish his new book 5DLFive Dimensions of Leadership.


Peter YoungPater

MA in Psychological Coaching from the Metanoia Institute

Peter is an executive coach, facilitator and trainer with an international client-base of professional service firms, corporates, and not-for-profits. He has been a regular teacher on global top talent development programmes, including those of Allen and Overy, ABN Amro, ENVIRON and Virgin Media.

He provides one-to-one executive coaching in a wide range of industries and sectors. Current clients include partners, directors, and senior managers in Deloitte, Capita, and KPMG. Coaching focuses on the following areas:

  • Transition to leadership: Developing the mind-set and skill required for senior roles; making the transition from hands-on technical expertise to organisational leadership
  • Influence and impact: Enabling individuals to take up greater power and influence, whilst retaining personal authenticity; developing the capacity to maximise the engagement and motivation of their team members, colleagues and clients.
  • Career development: Providing individuals with the insight needed to fulfil their potential and plan for a satisfying career; enabling the employer to optimise the individual’s contribution to the business.
  • Peter is based in Oxford and has an M.A. in Psychological Coaching from the Metanoia Institute, London, and a post-graduate certificate in Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University. He is a licensed practitioner of the LDF (Leadership Development Framework), SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities), and MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Instrument).

Prior to his move into executive development in 2000, Peter enjoyed a successful international career in book publishing. He held board responsibility for a £12m book distribution business in the UK, led international sales and marketing teams, and launched a publishing operation in Singapore.

Peter’s approach is thoughtful and empathetic, while being practical and challenging. He combines his wealth of business skills and experience with the psychological depth and understanding to transform, inspire and motivate his clients, resulting in lasting change.

What Peter’s clients say

 “Peter is fun, energetic and full of brilliant ideas. I have felt inspired after every session and keen to put into action everything that we discuss.”  Senior Associate, Allen and Overy

“The leadership development work which I have done with Peter has been incredibly powerful. He has helped me identify my strengths and the situations in which I am the most effective and influential. ” Bid Director, Capita Group Sales


Ruth Rochelle Ruth

Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching with the Academy of Executive Coaching

Ruth has more than 25 years experience as an executive and team coach, working with leaders, owners, and senior management teams (including working virtually with global teams), supporting them through organisational change, rapid growth, succession, starting up and pre/post acquisition.

In 1991 she became one of the original coaches at The Coaching House. She was instrumental in building the company’s approach and led many projects for them during their first eight years of business. She launched Creation in 1999; clients have included BBC, B&Q, CBS Outdoor, Cello Group, Claire’s Accessories, 2CV, Daily Mail, Discovery Channel, Financial Times, Insight Research Group, Janet Regar, Lend Lease, Munro & Forster, Naked, News International, Office of Fair Trading, PHD Group, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Saatchi & Saatchi, TV Times, Tesco, Thomson Reuters and Universal Pictures International. Alongside her corporate work, she is one of a small global team of facilitators presenting intensive personal development seminars around the world to groups of up to 200 people.

Over the years Ruth has developed her own philosophy, models and coaching style. She prides herself in her ability to listen at the deepest level in order to fully identify and address the core of any issue. She has a special interest in enabling her clients to form, grow and maintain respectful, high-performing relationships inside and outside their teams. She focuses on expanding perspectives to help her clients thrive in ever-increasing complexity, and to discover new realms of possibility beyond perceived and real limitations.

Ruth is an APECS Accredited Executive Coach, has a Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching with the Academy of Executive Coaching, is an Integral Development Coach with New Ventures West, has diplomas in NLP and Psychosynthesis, and is certified in The Leadership Circle and MBTI profiling tools.

What Ruth’s clients say:

‘I can highly recommend Ruth as a phenomenal executive coach. I first met Ruth a few years ago whilst trying to figure out the next stages of my career. I was at a crossroad, facing a lot of different options and trying to decide whether to remain in a senior corporate job or pursue something more entrepreneurial.  Ruth’s insights into my character and strengths and weaknesses were incredibly astute throughout and she was able to really get me on a plan to take advantage of them. I can’t say enough good things about the way the she has helped me and my career grow.” DK, President

‘As a result of working with Ruth for a short intensive period of executive coaching, we were able to align the leadership team and commit to the next phase of growth and development. It was a fascinating, enjoyable and testing experience, which helped us develop the tools and focussed motivation to take our business to the next stage. I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth’s services to any senior team who are looking for an authentic and sustainable way forward.’ PB, Partner

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