Short courses

The Foundations of Psychosynthesis Coaching

Are you interested in psychosynthesis coaching but want to experience and explore this approach further before deciding whether to enrol on the full PGCPLC programme?

Or perhaps you are an experienced coach who wants to understand how to bring psychosynthesis into your way of working?

Or a psychosynthesis counsellor who wants to learn and integrate the psychosynthesis coaching model?

Then one or both of these short programmes could be for you…

1. Introduction to psychosynthesis as a coaching psychology – 2 days online workshop + supported learning. No pre-requisites. Next dates: 17-18 June 2021, 28-29 October 2021. Fee: £300 + VAT.

  • Holistic model of the psyche (the Egg diagram)
  • Identity and the practice of disidentification
  • Will and the psychological functions (the Star)
  • Synthesis and evolution (the Spiral)
  • The personal and transpersonal journeys of development
  • Working with the whole and the parts towards synthesis
  • Creativity and engaging our will in the world

      2. Introduction to psychosynthesis coaching– 2 days online workshop + supported learning. Pre-requisites: to have attended either 1 above, or the Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis (or equivalent) or extended training in psychosynthesis. Next dates: 20-21 May 2021, 25-26 November 2021. Fee: £300 + VAT.

      • Foundations of psychosynthesis – The Egg, the Star, and the Spiral
      • Conscious relationships with self, other and the wider system
      • Brining psychosynthesis into the three spaces of coaching
      • Listening at a deeper level
      • The holistic GROW process model
      • Four stages of the coaching process– in terms of attitudes, awareness, energy and orientations
      • The 4C’s of coaching: Context, Contract, Coachee, Coach
      • Pathways to development (as a psychosynthesis coach)

      Short courses application form – please sign up below. On receipt of your application form we will contact you by email to arrange a Zoom 1-2-1 orientation call and to make arrangements for payment.

      There is a £100 + VAT discount for participants of these short courses if you enrol on the PGCPLC.
      Current scheduled programmes. VAT only applicable in the UK.
      Current scheduled programmes. VAT only applicable in the UK.