The Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis

This course is run by the Institute of Psychosynthesis and is designed as an introduction to the fundamental methodology and models of psychosynthesis.

The course is a prerequisite for all professional training at the Institute, as well as for the Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching.

This four-day course (over consecutive days) takes place several times a year either in London or the regions.

The course topics include the fundamental tenets of psychosynthesis, such as: Self and Superconscious; The Will and Creative Expression; Body, Feelings and Mind; Subpersonalities and Disidentification; Identity and Personal Freedom; Synthesis and Evolution.

Next dates are:

3 – 6 January 2020 – Waiting list*

1 – 4 May 2020

17 – 20 July 2020

The fee for the four-day course is £350, payable directly to The Institute of Psychosynthesis, following acceptance of your application

For more information please visit the Institute of Psychosynthesis:

The Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis


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