Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited promotes Psychosynthesis Coaching to leaders in organisations, creates a focal point for the community of practicing psychosynthesis coaches, provides professional support and supervision services to coaches as well as engages in the broader development of the coaching profession and the growth of a living knowledge base to support this embryonic field.

If you are a Psychosynthesis Coach or are sympathetic with our coaching approach e.g. you bring a transpersonal or psycho-spiritual perspective or dimension to your work, we invite you to become a member of our Psychosynthesis Coaching Community, by completing an on-line questionnaire.  Once we have accepted you as a member, you will be included in our ‘Coach Directory’ and through a member login and password you will have access to member resources and community forums.  We reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership.

To proceed, please click on the following link:

Join the Leadership Coaching Community




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