Charmaine Ferris

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Psychosynthesis Coach
Leadership Coach
Life Coach
PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
Online / Zoom, etc., In Person
Edinburgh, Scotland

Fly Higher – Peregrine Coaching and Consultancy offers transformational leadership and life coaching worldwide, business development coaching and mentoring for non-profits/charitable enterprises and nature-based coaching in Edinburgh, Scotland.  

The coaching I offer is about deep, inner listening, love and co-creation with your soul. Are you fulfilling your potential? Are you aligned with your life purpose, values and vision? Is your business or organization? What do you long for or dream about?

Inner and outer leadership are like two wings of a bird. Nurture your relationship with yourself and learn to trust your inner guidance. Step into your full potential and offer your unique gifts into the world.

I listen from the heart and guide you while you explore what’s next in your life or work. What mindsets, beliefs or patterns may be holding you or your organization back or tripping you up? What do you want to get clear about or find the courage to do?

I can support you to find your own answers and your next step. Then the one after that as you move towards your authentic self, your truth, your goal or what it is you see on the horizon.

If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life or not aligned with your purpose, my presence can shine a light as you lead yourself to a more soulful life and wholehearted living.

My joy is supporting others on their journey whether through leadership and life coaching, creativity or nature based activities.

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