Paul Courtney Clarke

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Psychosynthesis Coach
Leadership Coach
PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
Online / Zoom, etc.
Southwell, England NG25

I help individuals to create changes in themselves, in their lives and in how they touch the lives of others. Like all coaches I offer a space that invites you identify and achieve personal goals through a series of one to one sessions (usually 6) over an agreed timeframe. As a qualified Psychosynthesis Coach with extensive experience of transformative leadership, and drawing on my own journey of self growth with exceptional teachers,  I create a safe and supportive space for you to connect with the whole of your self  to explore what’s ready to shift in your life.

The services I offer are:
As a qualified Psychosynthesis Coach I invite a deeper level of enquiry than just ‘problem solving’. Our sessions create space for a growing self-awareness and intuition, and a sensing into what’s wanting to emerge and whats in the way. What lights you up, and what weighs you down. And what opens up when all of you – mind, heart, body – is in balance. In synthesis.
For Leaders that extends to the systems you are part of – community, workplace, corporation. What is wanting to emerge and what is in the way.
For leaders and others wanting to rise to the challenge of these tumultuous times by aiding a positive transformation to a more authentic and integrated world, I’m offering coaching that creates space for aligning your self-growth with your intention and mission.