Suzanne Wylde

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Student Coach (PGCPLC)
Psychosynthesis Coach
PGC Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
Online / Zoom, etc.
Pro bono

I am an author and holistic coach who also has a background in alternative medicine and body work. Having trained in a wide range of modalities I have quite an eclectic approach, like to think outside of the box and I enjoy supporting clients on their unique journeys.

I especially enjoy helping clients to connect to their own identity, power, creativity and inner resources in order to find what is right for them. Having perspective is one of my strengths and I often find myself working with clients who are at a crossroads or feel that something needs to change and they need some additional support.

In addition to my current coaching practice I am currently training in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching and have limited availability for pro-bono coaching as part of that training.